Introducing proffesional lawn care in 2012. Just like everything else PoWeR does, this service is fully customizable. We have our recommended plan(s), but we will customize your plan exactly how you want it, to fit your budget & needs.

We use the highest quality equipment & only the very best products to service your lawn. We will cut your lawn on a weekly or every other week schedule & included is edging & clean up. We recommend spring/fall clean ups, our scheduled fertilizing program & yearly fall core aeration to keep your lawn in perfect order. We can provide any other services related to your lawn and are always listening to your needs.

Enjoy a perfect looking, green, weed free lawn.

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Recommended Plan

- Spring Yard Clean Up

- Scheduled Cuts, Edge & Blow

- 4 Step Fertilizing Program

- Fall Core Aeration

- Fall Yard Clean Up

Premium Options:


-Landscape Lighting

-Sprinkler Systems